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THIS WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 19th, 2022 @ 11am

Reiki level I certification.
Take your mindfulness practice to the next level.
Learn how to use Reiki for self healing and for healing others. This class will include energy attunements. You will develop an understanding of the use of Reiki and its history. Participants will receive a Reiki Level I certificate upon completion.
~~~COST IS $175.


In this class, you will receive the Master symbol and receive attunements that will enable you to give attunements and pass on the reiki energy too others. We will cover teaching a class. We will cover creating your own business. This class is not for everyone. This class is for the serious student that has made the decision to live a life of magic and service to others. You must show proof of Reiki II certification.
The fee for this class is $650.
Payment must be received to register for this class.

These classes will take place at Emerald Energy Healing, 42718 Moonridge Rd, Big Bear Lake, Ca. 92315

Payment can be pre paid through Paypal 

Call (909) 999-7708 for information or email

Reiki 2 Class


In this Reiki II class, we will build upon what was taught in Reiki I. You will learn the use of Reiki symbols. These symbols sharpen your energy focus. You will also learn to send distance healing to someone. It is helpful to bring a picture of someone that you wish to send Reiki to. We will do this exercise in the class.
The cost for this class is $325. FULL PAYMENT is required to register you for this class.

You will receive attunements to level up to Reiki II. You will also receive a certificate that is suitable for framing.
Paypal – 

Virtual Life Coaching Sessions

Sign up for a personal Life Coaching Session.

Are you walking true to your calling? Is your life path full of excitement and passion? Or are you stuck in a rut of mundane existence?

Live a life of intentional manifestation!

I have helped many people get back to their authentic selves and a life of purpose.

Book your session today and let me help YOU!


Reiki Students with their Certifications

If you have ever wanted to learn Reiki, or are wanting to go to the next level of certification, this month is for you.

July 16th is our Reiki I class. This class will introduce you to the foundational concepts and techniques of Energy Healing. You will be able to channel Reiki to heal yourself and others. Cost is $175.

July 19th is our Reiki II class. This class builds on the foundational concepts and techniques that were learned in Reiki I. You will be given three symbols that enhance your Reiki and enable you to send Reiki healing to another time and place or person. Reiki Level I must have been completed prior to this class. Cost is $325.

July 20th is our Reiki level III or Reiki Master Class. This class is only for serious and dedicated practitioners. Levels I & II must have been completed prior to this class. In this class I will show you and teach you “next level” techniques. You will gain the Master Symbol that enables you to teach and give Attunements. We also cover making Reiki a viable business through my experience of owning and operating an Energy Healing Center. This class is not offered very often.

Cost is $650.

You will receive attunements for each level and will receive a diploma that is suitable for framing for each level.

Tuition must be received to register for classes.

Classes will be held at Emerald Energy Healing. 42718 Moonridge Rd., 2nd floor, Big Bear Lake, Ca. 92315

Call or text Brett @310-857-0063 or email or use our contact form in the Contact page.

See you in class!!!!

Reiki Level I Class

SATURDAY JULY 16th, 2022

Reiki level I certification.
Take your mindfulness practice to the next level.
Learn how to use Reiki for self healing and for healing others. This class will include energy attunements. You will develop an understanding of the use of Reiki and its history. Participants will receive a Reiki Level I certificate upon completion.
~~~COST IS $175.

42718 Moonridge Rd., Big Bear Lake, Ca. 92315

(310) 857-0063


In an attempt to simplify and be more efficient, I have decided to limit my social media presence. Instead, I am collecting email contact information to send out direct email updates straight to the people that wish to receive them. You can find a SUBSCRIBE section at the bottom footer of any page. I look forward to connecting with you.

Thank you, Brett Hand

Mentorship Sessions


Have you ever wanted to consult a professional energy worker about a certain technique? Or how to handle treating a specific client? Or discuss next level energy healing techniques? Now you can access my knowledge and experience in a one on one setting. We could meet in person, or through the internet. Pick my brain. Let me help you grow your practice.

$100 for 1 hour.

Send me a message to book your Mentorship Session.


Emerald Energy Healing is ringing in the new year with REIKI CLASS WEEKEND!!!

January 15th is Reiki I and January 16th is Reiki II. Reiki I costs $175. Reiki II costs $325. Take both classes and get a package rate of $450.

This is your chance to start the New Year out with empowering yourself with Energy Healing skills.

REIKI Certification Classes

Reiki Certification is a great way to prepare for the upcoming Holiday Season. What level class do you want to take?

We have Reiki I, beginners class.

Reiki II class with symbols for next level practice.

Reiki III Master level for those who are guided to make this a lifestyle.

Let me know. I will create a class around the student.

Call or email to schedule your class today!!


The History of Reiki – The New Kid on the Block

Reiki is a common household word among energy healers. Reiki, however, has only been around since the mid 1800s, and could be thought of as the new kid on the energy healing block. Energy healing is understood by many to be a universal truth that has been a part of our inner knowing for thousands of years to which we return time and time again. Different forms of energy healing are known and practiced around the world. 

India and the famed yogis have utilized energy healing for the last 5000 years with the use and application of what they call “Prana”. It is known as the breath of life. 

In China, there are written records dating back to 3000 B.C. that detail the use of the life-force called “chi” and the technique of acupuncture to help clear blockages that allow a person’s chi to flow freely for optimum health.

The exact origins of Reiki are shrouded in mystery and reported slightly differently depending on whom one references, but all agree that Dr. Mikao Usui’s techniques form the foundation of the practice guiding modern day practitioners of this energy healing modality. While Dr. Usui was teaching at a university in the latter part of the 1800s, one of his students asked him how it was that Jesus could perform the miracles of healing. This fateful question inspired Dr. Usui to embark on a quest to discover the answer. At one point in his search he underwent a 21 day fast which he believed would help him attain higher states of consciousness. On the last day of the fast, it is told, he was filled with a spiritual energy and became “enlightened” as a result. He now focused his teaching practice on passing on the knowledge of Reiki.

One of Dr. Usui’s students, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, started training in 1925, a mere 10 months before Usui’s passing. Dr. Hayashi carried on the teachings and opened a Reiki clinic which became famous throughout Japan and operated until 1940. 

One of his patient’s, Mrs. Hayayo Takata, a Japanese-born Hawaiian had traveled to Japan to seek alternative healing modalities for her afflictions for which she did not want to undergo the recommended operations. Over the next several weeks, Mrs. Takata’s health improved so profoundly that she asked Dr. Hayashi to teach her, and is one of only 13 Reiki Masters he taught. When she returned to Hawaii in 1938, after studying with Dr. Hayashi for two years, she opened her own clinic where she continued to practice and eventually teach Reiki. By the time she transitioned in 1980, Mrs. Takata had taught 22 Reiki Masters who continued to spread the knowledge of this healing modality throughout the West.

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