Brett Hand, the Emerald Wizard

Brett Hand is Big Bear Lake’s Reiki Master and the driving force behind Emerald Energy Healing. Brett is known locally as the “Big Bear Green Man” or “The Emerald Wizard,” for his incredible use of Reiki to heal.

Brett has been an avid martial artist since the early 1990s. One of the things that always resonated with him about the martial arts, was the healing and energy aspects of the different Asian systems.

In mid 2014, Brett experienced Reiki and his life was changed. He felt such a profound connection with what God had planned for him through a very vivid vision, during his first Reiki session. This paved the way to more Reiki sessions with Kimberli Khepri, a specialist in Shamanism, among other things. As a result, Brett went on to seek training in Reiki. Brett became a Reiki Master later that year and has developed a love for natural and holistic healing. Brett’s wife, Lee Ann is an accomplished healer as well. Together they raise three boys in harmony with nature and loving energy.

Since coming to the mountain community of Big Bear Lake California, Brett has pursued his love of energy healing. Brett has created a Free Reiki Clinic at Bear Valley Community Hospital that he has been doing since 2016. Brett also created a children’s program called Emerald Kids Class. In this class Reiki, meditation, yoga, basic martial arts movement, and arts and crafts are part of the curriculum. This class has been adopted by various charter schools as an optional service. Emerald energy Healing has become a staple in the Big Bear Lake area.

James Endredy

James Endredy is a practicing shaman of Hungarian descent who learned his craft from formal initiations with the Peyote Shamans of Mexico and through 30 years of living with and learning from shamanic cultures in North and South America. James is the award-winning author of several books, including Shamanic Alchemy, Advanced Shamanism, Teachings of the Peyote Shamans, The Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer, and Earthwalks for Body and Spirit. He is currently offering private enabling and healing sessions at Emerald Energy Healing Center in Big Bear Lake, CA –