In this class, the student will expand on what was taught and learned in Reiki I. We will review the Reiki I material to make sure that the foundation is sound.

The students will then be given the Power symbol, the emotional /psychological symbol, and the distance healing symbol. The uses and applications will be discussed. The students will be given time to practice drawing these new symbols.

A Reiki level II attunement will be administered to open the student to a higher vibration than the Reiki I level. The student will now be able to utilize the energy of the new symbols.

The instructor will demonstrate a Reiki level II Reiki treatment and coach the students in performing the Reiki II treatment on their partners.

The students will then be guided to perform a distance healing treatment on another person, not in the room.

This class includes instructional booklets and a certificate of achievement for Reiki II level.