SATURDAY MARCH 27th, 2021 at 6pm

Our Reiki Shares are a monthly gathering. Anyone that is a Reiki practitioner or just someone who is interested in learning more about Reiki is invited and encouraged to attend. During the Reiki Share, we set up multiple Reiki tables. Everyone in attendance is able to receive Reiki and participate in giving Reiki. The energy is very powerful during our Reiki Shares. This is a great opportunity to see why so many people are enjoying the benefits of energy healing. Please feel free to ask any specific questions. Come celebrate the Full Moon with us.
We will be gathering to share our Reiki Energy with you. Also being that it is Full Moon, we will focus on letting go of elements in our lives that no longer serve our highest good, with ceremony. We will write our intentions down on paper and burn them to send it off to the Universe.
Reiki is very helpful to help free ourselves from unwanted attachments.

42718 Moonridge Rd, 2nd floor
Big Bear Lake, Ca. 92315

Attendance is FREE!!