Here is what our clients are saying about Emerald Energy Healing:

First Reiki Session with Brett

I was introduced to Reiki by my wife who highly recommend Brett. My first session was enlightening and left me feeling calm. I struggle with anxiety and reiki helped me feel centered. The positive effects lasted a few days and left me feeling empowered. I found myself speaking clear, direct and concise in business meetings that week. Where previously, I would hesitate. I feel reiki has changed me. Since, I’ve had a couple more sessions with Brett. He is an amazing healer and I strongly recommend him.

Marcus C.

…kind and compassionate healer. – 7/13/2020

The transference of energy is an intensely beautiful thing when you are working with a kind and compassionate healer. I highly recommend this Reiki Master Teacher.

Rick C.

Brett Hand is a healing Angel! – 5/22/2019

I suffer from PTSD and insomnia from really bad car accident in 2017 and heard Reiki helps ease symptoms. Brett Hand is a healing Angel! I was able to let go of what was no longer serving me and he taught me how to do self Reiki as well. Reiki energy healing is a game changer and I will continue to receive my Reiki from Reiki Master Brett Hand.

Selia J.

He takes such great care of his clients… – 4/8/2019

Brett has such loving, divine energy! His passion for energy healing really shows in his work. He takes such great care of his clients, it’s an experience like no other!

Shannon M.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Brett! – 2/6/2019

I went to see Brett Hand, because I had a few symptoms happening in my body that I knew were emotionally connected; gastrointestinal was blowing up, the quadradus lumborum was in chronically tired/pain, right levator scapula rendered me immobile. All that including the feelings of loneliness and feeling energetically stuck in the movement of my life.
Not only did Brett drastically reduce pain in all those body pains, he told me, without prompting, that he energetically removed the blocks from those areas and all the symptoms stopped!
Moreover, an emotional release occurred on the table in which removed the blocks I was feeling. He said I would detox from the session and I actually did. An emergency bathroom situation was needed soon after. Whoa.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Brett! He has such a gift and was able to help me in a profound way.

Leia P.

Very very powerful healing… – 1/7/2019

Brett is very good at what he does. Very very powerful healing energy and very relaxing and peaceful sessions with very noticeable effects. Highly recommended.

Ty W.

Brett’s energy radiates with healing!! – 5/28/2018

Brett’s energy radiates with healing!! There are certain people you meet that are destined to do amazing work and Brett is one of them. I’m excited to return to Big Bear with my family for sessions.

Chandra A.

I would go back every week if I lived in the mountains. – 5/29/2018

Wow! Brett’s magic hands truly put in the most peaceful state ever! I would go back every week if I lived in the mountains. He is so kind and has great energy. I almost fell asleep a couple of times. Afterwards I felt so peaceful and rested as if I just came out of the best massage of my life but it was energy. I highly recommend going to him!

Andrea C.

I am so amazed… 4/7/2018

I experienced Reiki for the first time yesterday. I am so amazed and thankful to have met Brett and Lee Ann. My daughter and I will definitely be back.

Cheryl T.

Brett is an extremely caring Soul… – 9/22/2017

Brett is an extremely caring Soul who shares from his Heart… you are in good hands my friends

Andrea L.

It’s been a couple of days and I feel great! – 7/29/2017

I had my first Reiki session with Brett a couple of days ago, it was a great experience.  He took sometime before the session to let me know how it works and what he’s going to do, which I appreciated.  I felt comfortable, safe and relaxed.  The smell of sage and the aroma from my eye mask put me in a very relaxed state and I was able to feel the energy flowing through my body.  It’s been a couple of days and I feel great! Thank you Brett for this amazing experience.  I’m grateful I found you. I will definitely be back soon.

Gins F.

Reiki I introduced me to healing myself… 3/26/2017

Ever since Reiki came into my life some 15 years ago I felt myself surrender to my higher calling. Healing and helping raise the vibration of the world we live in is so important at this time. Reiki I introduced me to healing myself and to keeping healthy through good practice. Reiki II sent me into the world of helping others and sending distant healing to those in need. Becoming a Reiki master showed me that Mother Earth and all sentient beings on this planet can benefit from the higher vibration I now have learned to carry. Brett has created such a nice space and the Emerald Energy of love he and his space give off makes the place a joy to work in.Thanks for all you do and thanks for allowing me to do my past life regression session there.

Gardener Z.

…give Brett a call! – 3/28/2016

First time visiting Big Bear and decided to give this place a try. Brett the healer took such good care of me and my friend. Each had an hr session. After my session I felt relaxed and totally different out look on my personal life. I was able to physically feel the energy flowing during the session. He was able to unblock and align my chakras so that I can feel my best once again! I am very grateful and look forward to seeing him in the future! The location is the perfect spot, aside from his set up being nice and relaxing the physical location is awesome. One side you get the beautiful view of the snowy mountains and you look on the other side of the street you get the view of the lake. I highly recommend anyone interested in learning more about your chakras and energy healing to give

Stephanie C.

I have been with Brett for Reiki three times so far… 12/22/2015

I could never really find my special place to go to when relaxing or meditating. I have been with Brett for Reiki three times so far and today I am so jazzed that my own special place is now so vivid. I love the way I feel and I am learning so much about my true self. Thank YOU Brett!

Elizabeth A.